Privacy Policy

UITCON Privacy Policy - Call Puppy

1. What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

a) Access is needed to the list of accounts on the device. This is needed for connecting to Google Play Services.

b) Calendar read+write permission is needed to list the users calendars and for updating them.

c) Contacts read-write permission is needed to lookup the contact for a number and for the contact filtering

The app does not transmit this information in any form - except the data posted to the user's calendar or spreadsheet.

2. How do you handle location data?

Location data is not collected.

3. Do you collect and/or share personal information?


3. Can users see their personal data?

The App does not maintain user data apart from a so-called OAUTH-token which is needed to update the user's spreadsheet. This token can at anytime be revoked by the user here: