Fusion Tasker Plugin

Fusion Tasker Plugin is an Android plugin for updating Google Fusion Tables from the Tasker app. This enables you to collect and push data to Fusion Tables from your Android device and present the data using the powerful Fusion Table visualization tools.


Google Fusion tables

Fusion tables is a bit like Google Spreadsheet's forgotten bigbrother. It's a powerful tool capable of storing millions of rows and vizualizing these on charts and maps. As an example here's a map showing a complete detailed GPS track of a kayak trip around South America!

The Fusion table web interface is a bit raw and probably mostly directed towards data analysts. But even for the rest of us it's worth using for simple mashups like colleting data from Tasker and presenting the results on a map.

Column types

Fusion tables support four different column types.

Date and Time

When inserting date and time into a date/time column, notice that Fusion tables requires the hours and minutes segments to be separated by colon(:) and not dot(.). Use Tasker's split variable to fix this:

  1. Split variable %TIME
  2. Use: %DATE %TIME1:%TIME2 as value for a datetime column.


Data in a location column contains information for a location. This can be the name of a place, an address, a latitude-longitude pair, or KML.

If you want a marker on the map then insert latitude,longitude using Tasker's %LOC variable. You might want to call the Get Location action to ensure %LOC is updated.

KML transformations

The plugin contains transformation tools to help you generate formatted KML text for markers and polylines.

Given a list of latitude and longitude pairs, all comma-separated, you can choose a transformation to be applied as the data is inserted into the fusion table. A typical use case is to save a number of locations(using the %LOC variable) in an array and at some point insert the data using a polyline transformation.

Transformation Result
Polyline. Mark Code
Mark, polyline Code
Polyline Code
Polygon Code

Example 1 - song tracker

Create a map showing which songs you were listening to where. Each song is indicated by a marker and a line.

The task is triggered by creating an Event Context which is activated whenever the %MTRACK variable is set. The task looks like this: